God Help the Girl ★★½

I think my Belle & Sebastian-loving days are over.

While the songs are enjoyable, the film lacks any resemblance of a script, is overlong (2 hours?!), does not feature enough of Josie Long, and is more about pouting girls than anything else. Olly Alexander is endearing, but as he can't pout, he's never given centre stage.

The mental hospital scenes are too much of a mid-2000s, 'Skins'-y, teenaged girl's fantasy - it's no coincidence Hannah Murray stars as a character called 'Cassie' in both. Mental health problems were the biggest fashion accessory during those years at my secondary school, and I feel it's hugely unhelpful to people with problems that this film half-arsedly throws in an eating disorder and glamourises mental health institutions as places you can check out of any time you like. Eurgh.

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