A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master ★★★★

#Hooptober 5.0
Film #3
An Anniversary Film (1988)

I am soooooo glad I rewatched this because it had been a while and I had always categorized the NOES films as 1-3 and 7 are great (yes, even 2), and 4-6 are garbage. But I don't what made me think that because this is a fun as fuck movie featuring some incredible practical effects, some of the most painful deaths in the franchise, and some really fun moments.

For example, there's a dog peeing fire in this film! Classic!

And then there is Joey dying via wet dream! This is genius. A fun creative moment that is true to Joey's perverted character.

I'm fine with Tuesday Knight playing Kristen in this film. Patricia Arquette is fine in Dream Warriors, but not exactly charismatic. My only problem with Kristen in this film is that she doesn't have the confidence she does at the end of Part 3. She gets her ass tossed pretty easily and she throws her powers cheesily to Alice, who apparently is the new badass in town.

I loooove Sheila Kopecky and have a crush on her. Her death is pretty gruesome and the effects are downright badass.

THE PIZZA OF SOULS OH MY GOD. This is so fucking terrifying and comical and it's depicted masterfully. Freddy eating a meatball teenager is the peak of the franchise.

I love that Freddy is defeated by karate. Freddy goes fully comedy here and I don't mind. I prefer the balanace of legitimately horrifying with occasional one liners in Dream Warriors, but I am so glad they took one installment to go full Comedy Freddy. I mean, we got the Freddy Sunglasses GIF from that, so we should all be grateful.

OVERALL: Always living in the shadow of Dream Warriors, y'all should give Dream Master a second look.