Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★★½

13 Things About Friday the 13th Part 3D!
1. Recap: The very first thing you see is the end scene of Friday the 13th Part 2. Now usually when movies do this they edit it fast so the audience still gets the point of what happened without seeing everything. Not this film. The filmmakers said “Ah, fuck it, let’s just have the whole end scene be the opening of this movie” and I love it.

2. Opening Credits: I LOOOVE these opening credits! They are so goofy! The font and the music, it is all so adorably 80s. I love how “Friday the 13th” explodes. I wonder if people in the audience who originally watched this in the theater jumped at that or laughed like me and my cousin did.

3. 3-D!: I’d only seen this movie in 2-D up until this point. I noticed maybe 6 to 7 parts then where I was like “That would’ve been cool to see in 3-D”. But other than that nothing really struck me like I was missing out on something by watching in 2-D. WOW is it a completely different experience watching it in 3-D!!! This is literally one of the best 3D movies I’ve seen! It’s up there with Life of Pi! There are awesome obvious shots for the format: snake, eyeball, baseball at, popcorn, juggled apples, etc. But really the WHOLE movie was shot with this format in mind. The depth in this is crazy awesome to watch. Like when the biker lady is looking up the barn ladder. Or when Edna is looking at te laundry line. It is a completely different experience and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you watch it in the 3-D format because it elevates it. The red and blue glasses are fun! It is mostly seamless too, I was impressed.

4. Harold and Edna: Freaking Edna needs to get off Harold’s back! Guy just wants to eat a donut and shit. Lay off him. If I were Harold I would’ve divorced her ass. Kudos to the actress who plays Edna, she definitely earned her paycheck. I love Harold’s devotion to the bunny and Lionel his fish.

5. Chris: The Final Girl in this one is Chris Higgins. She is just fine. She is a cute girl, but not much going on in the personality department. I also don’t like how she tells Rick they need to take it slow, and then she immediately jumps on his back and kisses him on the cheek. Mixed signals, Chris! No wonder Rick doesn’t know how to handle ya!

6. Higgin’s Haven: Instead of a campground for a setting, we get Higgin’s Haven. It’s a nice setting, though I do miss the fun campground setting. I would love to stay here. Unfortunately, a fan of the movie burned down the cabin a few years back .

7. Shelley: What an awesome character. He might get on the other characters’ nerves, but he is the most interesting character onscreen. He is entertaining as hell, which can’t be said for all of the characters. Hell, even Chuck and Chili, the stoners, are a yawn when it comes to characters. Shelley also gets the best line: “Bitch!”

8. Biker Gang: What a lovable biker gang. And that groovy disco music theme they have is awesome. I wish all bikers in real life were like these bikers.

9. Jason Gets His Hockey Mask: Jason gets his hockey mask in this one guys! You don’t really see him get it in an iconic scene or anything he just walks onscreen and has it. Jason’s first kill with his mask is with a harpoon gun. He shoots it, drops it like a mic, and struts away. It is the most un-Jason of kills, but it is one of my favorite kills of his.

10. Jason Runs and Screams: For those you bitchin’ about Jason running and screaming in the latest Friday movie he runs in this one. Fast. And hard. When he is stabbed he screams. This is kind of cool, because it humanizes him and makes it more suspenseful.

11. Andy and Debbie: Cute couple. I like them. I love that Andy walks on his hands. I love that Debbie reads FANGORIA magazine. I love that hammock sex happens in this one. Which makes me want a hammock in my house. My one complaint is what was Debbie’s big deal about yelling for Andy when she is in the shower?! She yells like 2 or 3 times to tell him not to get a beer for her. It’s not that big of a deal Debbie! Just shower, amiright?!

12. Jason’s Death: I totally thought the filmmakers could’ve sold the false death of Jason via hanging better. When it happens give Chris more time to relax. Add some happy music. Let her smile. This will let the audience relax. That way whenever Jason is revealed to be alive BAM! It’s horrific! I do love the end where he does die and his hands are going towards the screen. With the 3-D it is an amazing and haunting visual.

13. Dream: Chris’ dream at the end is kind of silly. Jason without his mask looks silly. Pam Voorhees jumping out of the water isn’t that effective. At least that is a nice throwback. I would’ve been alright with that being there. But the maskless Jason just made him look comedic!

Friday the 13th Part 3-D is awesome! The 3-D makes this an amazing Friday experience! While the characters are a bit duller than the ones we had in 2, as is the setting, this is still a great Friday movie that is tons of fun to watch! WATCH IN 3-D!!!! :D

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