Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia! ★★★★★


This movie is just pure fucking blissful happiness. It should technically be counted as a drug.

It's soooooo pretty to look at. That Greek Island looks like actual Heaven with its blue waters, quaint isolation, and beautiful plants.

And everyone in this film is soooooo happy! Can you imagine being this happy every day of your life? There's no way these characters aren't frequent cocaine users, right?

Every song is catchy (duh, it's ABBA) so you can't help but swing your hips back and forth at every tune. I think my favorite song n' dance is Christine Baranski's ballad where she sings about how she's a hot momma who doesn't need no young whipper snapper.

OMG, Christine Baranski and Julie Walters! What a dynamic fucking duo! I would legit watch a MAMMA MIA! spinoff featuring these two. I want their characters to be MY best friends. Christine Baranski wearing the backwards yellow hat and smoking a tampon is the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life.

Meryl Streep in overalls...nuff' said.

The fact that Pierce Brosnan is runnin' around so happy and singing along and smiling...just makes me so happy. According to IMDb, Brosnan took the part not knowing what the project was only because it was filming in Greece and he wanted to act with Meryl Streep because he used to have a crush on her...I like the idea of him walking on set and being like "OH FUCK ME, I have to be this happy the whole shot?!"

Love Stellan, though it seems like the movie completely forgets his character's existence halfway through the film and he just kinda randomly shows up at the end?

Also, love Colin Firth, but did is coming out scene seem random? I guess it doesn't have to be set up at all, it was just like "Oh, he's in love with this random guy on the island now cool" lol.

Amanda Seyfried...I love you.

I love this movie.

If you don't love this movie...

You just look at Christine Baranski...

See that girl...

Watch that scene...


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