Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

NOTE: I recently ate at the El Coyote and, man, that place is so fucking good. Can't recommend enough.


While I've enjoyed the 80's nostalgia in popular entertainment, I can't say how refreshing it was to have this nice dip back into the 60's. Literally just driving around with a cool-as-fuck Brad Pitt listening to Paul Revere and the Raiders. So pleasant.

Every time Rick Dalton badmouths those dirty fucking hippies my soul recharges a bit. The way he says it I just...ugh.

So many favorite scenes. Rick having the meltdown in his trailer is ALL OF US at some point.

Julia Butters fucking killing it as Trudi and giving Rick his passion back to act is just so...hilariously sweet. One of my favorite child performances.

And that's exactly how I characterize this movie. Sweet. I love the idea that you can be a down on your luck actor starring in shitty Italian movies, or a down on your luck (fill in the blank here) and can completely alter the course of history. It's the sweetest thing Tarantino has put out in this universe.


I understand why people are upset with the Bruce Lee depiction. I grew up loving Lee's movies. With that said, this is Tarantino's fairy tale and he is technically able to do what he wants with the story and its characters. He claims he was inspired to have this scene by reading Bruce Lee's biography but I haven't researched it myself. I don't believe Tarantino's intent was to show the world a white man saving the day over an Asian man. He wanted to show the Cliff Booth character was a badass and what better way to show that than him beating the most legendary fighter at the time in a fight, who just so happens to be Asian?


There are criticisms that the end of this has the violence way more graphic against the women than the man. I dunno man, a pitbull chowing down on a guy's cock and balls probably feels fucking horrible. Also, the violence is so over the top and its against people who committed one of the most infamous heinous crimes ever. I didn't see it as violence against women, I viewed it as comeuppance against real life villains, payback to fictionalize versions of real life horrible men and women. It was catharsis for the horrible murders they committed in real life. Against a pregnant woman and her friends.

OVERALL: Honestly, might be my favorite Tarantino ever. I love these characters, this soundtrack, this simpler Golden Age of Hollywood, this message of hope for any beat-down person in life. Feels like an appropriate swan song for Tarantino but, of course, I want him to make movies for as long as he can.

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