Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★½

Right up my alley of quirky out there horror and humor! Beautiful production design as well.

Is it me, or is this Adam Brody guy like really charismatic? He should be in more stuff.

Is it more, or is this Samara Weaving gal like a fucking brilliant actor and beautiful? She should be in more stuff.

If you guys get it on Blu-Ray be sure to watching the special features, there's a really good interview with the costume designer about how she designed everyone uniquely to their character. For example, Alex (husband) and Becky aka The Mom aka Andie McDowell are both in similar shades of blue to show they have a bond and are similar in emotions.

Melanie Scrofano was great as cocaine sister and I wish she would've had a cocaine fueled segment where she just goes crazy.


The ending is pretty freaking great and I can't believe it was originally written that she was going to just die? What a bummer that would've been!

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