The Strangers: Prey at Night ★★★½

WOW, I can't believe I forgot to log this back on March 19th!


So basically someone described this as "It's like they went from The Strangers to The Strangers 7" and it totally makes sense. Yeah, its the same killers we've seen before. But it's a generic story that doesn't add up to anything. It's a fine watch, but the heavy impact from the first film is nowhere to be felt.

While the first film really hit ya with the character development and relationship drama that ultimately made the film so compelling to watch, this film just goes for full out fun. And it's mostly a fun film to watch, even if the characters make stupid decisions. And if the Final Girl is one of the more unlikable Final Girl characters we've seen in a while.

Love love LOVED the 80's retro camera zoom is.

The pool scene was awesome, though I wish it ended in a way that didn't feel so rushed.

The scene with the main guy just getting in the car while _____________ is suffering, turns on the tunes, and just sits there was pretty creepy and completely in character from what was established in the first film.

The sequel setup at the end felt unnecessary.

OVERALL: Not as emotionally resonating, but it's a fine passable home invasion watch with sporadic moments of inspiration.

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