Vampire in Brooklyn ★★★½

In the back of my mind I knew Craven directed this, but I kept forgetting, & when I passed by it on a Netflix browse I thought "What the heck?". I could use more Craven and Murphy in my life. No one talks about this movie anymore and with such a great leading actor and ambitious director, why is that?

I still don't know.

This isn't a FANTASTIC movie by any means but gosh darn it I still think it is damn funny! Not only that, they put it some really creepy makeup, establish good atmosphere, and really put a lot of effort into the horror aspect of this horror comedy. At times, Murphy is legitimately creepy.

Angela Basset is just a goddess. I freaking love her. Seeing her in vampire teeth was awesome.

Murphy is a bit restrained as the vampire character but he really shines in his other performances. My favorite as the pastor. His speech on there's nothing wrong with evil and "getting yerself a little ass" had me rolling! He also plays a white guy holding up a restaurant which is as funny as it sounds. While the script could've used more funny moments, these scenes alone pass this movie as funny.

If you're looking for a good horror comedy, methinks you will walk away from this film satisfied on both the horror and comedy aspects.