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  • First Cow

    First Cow


    Reichardt’s best since Meek’s Cutoff. Frequently sublime, muted but moving, and both thematically and texturally rich to the extent that multiple viewings will definitely be necessary in order to fully unpack it. This is probably (definitely?) the best western of the 21st century so far, not least for the way it warmly reflects traditional aspects of the genre without lapsing into mere pastiche or referential puzzle. The two leads are excellent and Reichardt’s direction wisely avoids any tacky eroticism for…

  • Altered States

    Altered States


    Men will literally turn into a gorilla instead of going to therapy.

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  • Tenet


    Nolan’s worst movie. An absolutely insufferable, entirely incoherent stream of trite exposition and indolent writing with absolutely no emotional core nor even the most remote understanding of tone or storytelling structure.

    This is a film that rambles from setpiece to setpiece at barely decipherable speed, every so often winking indulgently at the viewer as if to say “if you’re not following this, the joke’s on you”, only to then trip over itself to explain ad nauseum what Nolan, for all…

  • Steamboat Willie

    Steamboat Willie


    It was funny until he started spinning the cat around by its tail. Then it was hilarious.