Ulysses' Gaze ★★★★

Theo Angelopoulos' 1995 film Ulysses' Gaze is one of his most epic, in scope, scale, length and feeling. Angelopoulos knows how to film incredible images in long, luxuriously slow takes filled with brilliant power, and Ulysses' Gaze contains some of his most powerful. Though Harvey Keitel is a strange and perhaps inappropriate casting choice, Angelopoulos utilises the man's tremendous acting skill to portray one man's wondrous time-twisting voyage through Greece and the entire 20th century as he desperately searches for a long-lost film which he hopes to restore with the help of a historian played brilliantly by Erland Josephson. There is one ten-minute single take that is among the most incredible Angelopoulos has ever filmed, reminiscent of Visconti and Tarkovsky in its marvellous beauty, and it is the centrepiece of this three-hour modern classic from one of the greatest directors of all time.