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  • Dr. Giggles

    Dr. Giggles


    Been a few years since I've watched this. It's nothing great, has some comedy elements to it, some quick witted dialogue from Dr Giggles, some good & inventive kills (more gore would've been good), relatively fast paced. I do enjoy this one. It's a bit silly but quite enjoyable. Good to revisit every now & then.

  • Body Parts

    Body Parts


    For whatever reason never watched this back in the vhs days. Even had it in the video store I worked at. After all these years, finally watched it & found it not to be too bad. Think I would've liked it a lot more back then. Really liked the concept of the story having serial killer limbs being transplanted on to people who've lost theirs in accidents. Jeff Fahey is really good & can not but like Brad Douriff in everything he's in. Cool little body horror film. Liked it a lot.

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  • Frontier(s)



    The French sure know how to make some gory violent horror.

  • 47 Meters Down

    47 Meters Down


    In the minority here when I say, I did not like this film. Sure the scenario is frightening, overall found this dull, average at best. Got more entertainment out of The Shallows than this.