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  • Trapped



    Trapped is a ticking time bomb from the moment it starts. The premise of the film is undoubtedly marvel, story of a man trapped in his apartment in the sixth most populous city in the world. The first 20 minutes unravels as a detective story, providing clues and looping in the viewers to the seemingly implausible premise. This part of the film is ferociously efficient, and in no time, the stakes are escalated, and the unassuming protagonist lands up in…

  • Rangoon



    Rangoon is Vishal Bhardwaj's most inconsistent film. With terrific cinematography and art design, he tries to recreate what Bollywood lacks the most, good wartime thrillers.
    The war sequences are exquisitely shot, mostly without any evident CGIs. But some CGI-ish looking additions are glaringly visible in the scenes which are not supposed to be simulated (note the smokes from the trains). Dialogues go from Gulzar level to wafer thin within scenes. Editing goes from properly timed fade outs to abrupt ends…