Rangoon ★★½

Rangoon is Vishal Bhardwaj's most inconsistent film. With terrific cinematography and art design, he tries to recreate what Bollywood lacks the most, good wartime thrillers.
The war sequences are exquisitely shot, mostly without any evident CGIs. But some CGI-ish looking additions are glaringly visible in the scenes which are not supposed to be simulated (note the smokes from the trains). Dialogues go from Gulzar level to wafer thin within scenes. Editing goes from properly timed fade outs to abrupt ends to scenes. Songs hamper the flow of story from time to time.
VB's films thrives on climaxes. True, very often they end in shootouts, but they are the pinnacle of the 2 hours we invest for him. But this one feels dragged a lot, with poorly drawn out cliches, and ending almost on an unintended comical note, which could have been our own version of revisionist history a la "Inglourious Basterds".
But inspite of all these, this is a VB film, and still manages to look sparkling at it's high points. The relationship between Rusi and Julia is far from being straightforward, and some scenes like the ones with jokes on WWII are well executed. The characters are carved out with much gusto, and the actors, all four (including the Hindi speaking Brit Major) of them, have done a commendable job. Kangana does a great job in portraying the character with great nuance, even if the screenplay doesn't always allow her the liberty.
Overall Rangoon is a story of lost potential, flirting with greatness but falling quite a few notches behind, a noble intention hastily told.