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  • The Northman

    The Northman


    “I will avenge you, father. I will save you, mother. I will kill you, Fjölnir.”

    2022 ranked
    Robert Eggers doesn’t miss. This was easily one of my most anticipated films of 2022 and it did not disappoint in the slightest. The Northman is an unbridled and unforgivingly visceral revenge film that utilises its Viking setting to absolute perfection. 

    It’s clear how integral making the film look and feel authentic to the times was to Eggers. As I was watching the…

  • The Lost Daughter

    The Lost Daughter


    "The Bits That I Find Beautiful About Them Are The Bits That Are Most Alien To Me."

    This is my in-depth analysis/review for Maggie Gyllenhaal’s debut film The Lost daughter so this review will contain heavy spoilers so I recommend you see the film before reading this review. Also just be prepared, I have a lot to say about this film so please brace yourself for a long ass review filled to the brim with possibly incorrect interpretations so please…

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  • GoodFellas



    RIP Ray Liotta 1954-2022

    This isn’t an official review for GoodFellas, I simply rewatched it to pay my respects to Ray Liotta. This film is a genuine masterpiece and a huge chunk of what makes it so incredible and iconic is Liotta’s beyond phenomenal performance as Henry Hill.
    Thanks for reading 

  • Nirvana: Unplugged In New York

    Nirvana: Unplugged In New York


    I genuinely never would of thought that this would be on Letterboxd, glad it is though because now I have an excuse to talk about Nirvana!

    Nirvana is my favourite band of all time. Bar none. They’re also one of the few bands who I actually prefer hearing the live versions of more. I just prefer their music with that slightly more authentic and muted sound. Cobains little voice cracks and audible strain in his voice just make it a…

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  • Inglourious Basterds

    Inglourious Basterds


    “You know something, Utivich? I think this just might be my masterpiece.” 

    Ok, it’s finally happened, this film has finally fully clicked with me!

    I think this was my third watch of this film and on my previous watches, it was very clear to me why people consider this to be a masterpiece. Because yes, it is. It’s just that for whatever reason, the film just didn’t quite click with me. I definitely liked it and I loved all the…

  • The Tragedy of Macbeth

    The Tragedy of Macbeth


    This was a film that I was incredibly anticipated for. The Coen Brothers have made two of my all time favourite films, those being The Big Lebowski and No County for Old Men, so when I heard that Joel Coen was going to be making a film with Denzel Washington, I was more than a little excited. For the most part, this film does live up to my expectations. 

    This films biggest pro is definitely its cinematography. This film is gorgeous…