Nostalgia ★★★★★

As a kid from a family that had to move on from his homeland, i felt really identified with the protagonist, my childhood friends and family had to disappear from my life because of the political problems in my country, till this day nothing has changed, 6 years have passed and i still miss the days were i was happy and didnt know, where i went with my dad to a soccer game or the thousands of times were i went to the movie theatre with my parents, somedays i remember those days, without even thinking about them they just cross your mind, Andrei felt the same thing as me he was kicked out of his own country, he couldnt see his family, when Nostalgia premiered at the Cannes film festival everybody praised the movie to the point were it was going to win The Palm D Or but the Soviet Union told the jury to not give the award to Andrei, the pain of lossing everything that you have was portrayed in this movie by Andrei and whar can i say, hes a genius and this is only my fourth film from him and i can say that hes the greatest filmmaker of all time.

Happy Birthday Andrei

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