Ritual ★★★★½

You know what tomorrow is?
Your birthday right? terrified to face the truth she rejects even sleep. Not that there is actual truth in the ambiguity of human memory, her best and only means survival depends on her, destruction and renewal of memory. Certainly many more days bear forgetting than joyful conmmemoration.
What is it that i want from her?

She keeps waiting that day where happyness will unfold her soul, where the rain will become tears of joy, it didnt happened yesterday or today, it will happen tomorrow, because tomorrow is her birthday.

At times something happens and i stop dreaming of the house and the pine trees of my childhood around it, then i get depressed. And i can't wait to see this dream in which i'll be a child again and feel happy again, because everything will still be ahead, everything will be possible.
Mirror - 1975

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