Rambo III ★★

I had never seen a full Rambo movie until I watched Rambo (2008). When I went back earlier in the year to start the franchise, I noted how the seriousness of the newer version matched up decently with the original...sure it was more action packed, violent, and dark but it made sense. Watching the second one which was far more cartoonish definitely prepared me for Part III.

Because I'll be honest, this was easily, if not more cartoonish than Part II. So much so it was almost a parody of itself.

That doesn't mean there wasn't some amusing moments - such as Rambo cauterizing a wound that went through his side by putting gunpowder in the wound the lighting it on fire. Or the time where he ups the ante with his famous bow and takes out helicopters with his explosive bow.

But an attempt to make it personal for Rambo falls flat because Stallone just doesn't really have it - again he feels like he's starring in a parody version.

It could have been worse I guess....but it definitely could have been better too...