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  • Ginger Snaps
  • Phantom of the Paradise
  • Black Swan
  • GoldenEye

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  • Doctor Who: Pyramids of Mars


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  • Between Worlds


  • Virus of the Dead

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  • Virus of the Dead

    Virus of the Dead

    World War ZZZZZZZZZ

    People thought Diary of The Dead was bad, I got a movie for you.

  • Between Worlds

    Between Worlds


    Summer of Cage 2: Return to The Cage- Movie # 1

    So... This movie is bat-shit crazy. Our man Cage plays greasy, boozy trucker Joe. He loves wearing his trucker cap and reading poetry books while banging chicks. Run Lola Run plays a trucker mom, who can enter an other world if strangled. Of course, why not. Her daughter is in a coma and during a strangle session to contact her daughter, Joe barges in.
    What happens after this is…