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  • Mechanical Violator Hakaider

    Mechanical Violator Hakaider

    56 I have no knowledge of the TV show on which this is based, so I tried to figure out what was going on as best I could There’s this guy who can turn into a robot. At the beginning of the film he’s chained up in a dungeon, but some gunmen accidentally set him free. He hops a motorcycle and crashes some kind of teleportation gate. He is accosted by a biker gang in white armor who for some…

  • Daffy Duck Hunt

    Daffy Duck Hunt


    85 Hunter Porky and his loyal hunting dog have no luck trying to bag Daffy until the dog brings on the waterworks and guilts him into pretending to be caught so the dog won’t be punished. When he’s betrayed and thrown in the freezer, he spends the rest of the cartoon messing with the dog, framing him for various transgressions, and getting him in trouble with his master.

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  • The Thing

    The Thing


    87 “I dunno what the hell’s in there… but it’s weird and pissed off, whatever it is!” This remake of the 50’s film hews much closer to the original short story, in which the alien life form is able to shape change and mimic any creature it infects. So we not only get the dreadful isolation of these desperate men being trapped far from civilization in the frozen wastes of Antarctica with a monster, but they have no idea whom…

  • Blow-Up


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    48 Mimes race through town. 15 minutes of surly jerk photographer alternately taking pictures of and screaming at drag queens in bizarre outfits. Then he drives around for awhile and does nothing in particular. Something resembling a plot finally starts about 25 minutes in when he takes candid photos of a stranger in the park and she freaks out and tries to bite him. Two wannabe models show up at his doorstep and end up wrestling naked and wrapping themselves…