• Waterloo Bridge

    Waterloo Bridge


    I don't know why they remade this so many times, this version is very good already.

  • The Leghorn Blows at Midnight

    The Leghorn Blows at Midnight


    80 Foghorn Leghorn and Barnyard Dawg use Henery Hawk as a hapless pawn to prank each other. Silly violent antics. The animation is a little janky in this one, like they were cutting corners or trying to beat a deadline.

  • Transatlantic



    75 A shady banker embezzles money as he learns the bank is to fail, then absconds with both his wife and his mistress aboard a transatlantic voyage. As if that weren’t complicated enough, there’s a ruined man who lost his life savings to the bank failure, and a bunch of crooks who want to relieve the banker of the funds. Lots of high seas skullduggery, but with some rather stiff dialogue and performances.

  • Big House Bunny

    Big House Bunny


    75 Bugs is so harried by hunters he actually break INTO Sing Song Prison to escape them. Prison Guard Yosemite Sam (who is called “Schultz” all throughout this cartoon) believes he’s an actual prisoner that’s trying to escape, and so they go at it. Not only does Sam end up locked up multiple times, but he’s also hanged and fried in an electric chair. Not one of the stronger Bugs/Sam matchups.

  • The Reckoning

    The Reckoning


    76 In the 14th century, a defrocked priest seeks redemption trying to unravel a murder mystery and save a falsely accused woman facing the hangman. Pretty good cast, but only mildly interesting.

  • The Hypo-Chondri-Cat

    The Hypo-Chondri-Cat


    91 Those scamps Hubie and Bertie are at their incorrigible best when they accidentally discover that the housecat chasing them is petrified that a cold draft from an open window might develop into “pneumonia—or athlete’s foot!” With his hypochondria revealed, Claude is bedeviled by those sneaky mice into thinking he is not only at death’s door, but has been pushed through it. Poor bastard.

  • The Unholy Garden

    The Unholy Garden

    59,/b> This had an interesting-soudning premise, but turned out to be a real dud. Uninspired sets, corny over-the-top dialogue, I didn’t care about any of these characters.

  • Strife with Father

    Strife with Father


    68 Boy there’s way more Beaky Buzzard cartoons than I ever realized—or wanted. For inscrutable reasons he is hatched by some posh sparrows. The monocled father tries to teach the big dope how to score some chickens from the coop. It’s not very good. I feel like the parents must be modeled on some real life personalities, but neither my Looney Tunes book or Wikipedia indicate this.

  • House of Flying Daggers

    House of Flying Daggers


    82 This is an artful love triangle tragedy that just happens to also have martial arts, swordfights, bandit outlaws, double agents, a secret society of rebels, and flying daggers. Lots and lots of flying daggers.

  • Homeless Hare

    Homeless Hare


    92 Construction of a new skyscraper disturbs Bugsy’s rabbit hole, leading to an increasingly violent war of the wills between Bugs and a big muscleheaded construction worker he dubs “Hercules” Very clever gags.

  • Solaris



    68 I find the premise of an ocean-sized alien intelligence probing the minds of visiting humans and materializing physical manifestations of their unconscious thoughts to be cool and interesting. Alas I found this film long, ponderous, and frequently nonsensical. Can we all agree that flaky easily distracted Kelvin was the worst possible person on Earth to send on this mission? Bleh.

  • The Scarlet Pumpernickel

    The Scarlet Pumpernickel


    95 Not only is this a super fun swashbuckler parody, but it has the highest concentration of Looney Tunes characters in one short up to this point, possibly of the entire Golden Age. Not only are Daffy, Sylvester and Porky the main characters, but also look for Elmer, Henery Hawk and even Mama Bear in bit parts.