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  • The Beguiled

    The Beguiled


    This and Phantom Thread have taught me to ask “did you pick these mushrooms yourself?”

  • Peter Rabbit

    Peter Rabbit


    - First of all, to my shock... the movie is Awesome!
    - This was viewed to kill time yesterday (took kids to Westminster Dog Show day and evening events) and expected to nap for an hour or so... I ended up laughing more than them.
    - This movie is a twist on a Romantic Comedy, and is one subversion after another. I believe in script writing you should "state your theme" early on, and this states it loud and…

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  • O Brother, Where Art Thou?

    O Brother, Where Art Thou?


    I have long contended that the setting in a Coen brothers movie is also a character. By this I mean that their settings are often one of the most distinguishing elements of their films, their settings help to drive the plot just as much as the people do, and their settings seem to have a life of their own.

    I'm often in awe of the authentic language they are able to give their characters based on the setting, balancing a…

  • Miller's Crossing

    Miller's Crossing


    Whenever Miller's Crossing begins, I get the same feeling I do when talking to an old friend or listening to a favorite song from my youth. Movies like GoodFellas can cause the "I can't turn it off" effect. This film also falls into that category. But GoodFellas excites and challenges, where Miller's Crossing comforts.

    The Coen Brothers have a layered use of language, and this is a prime example. Here the language works as a way of establishing setting, of…