A Judgement in Stone ★★★½

you know you're into deep with Isabelle Huppert when her character chews a gum, sticks it under the table, calls the supermarket on the telephone then gets the gum to chew on it again afterwards and you find it controversially captivating.

the grand act of La Cérémonie is the main characters' parade with creeping insanity and isolation. and the last act before the credits roll is fantastic you want to punch a window and scream. the only minor complaint I have is how long-winded it gets before it leads you to the denouement. I feel some scenes could have been cut off so it doesn't seem overdue. also, there's a part where the maid tries her hardest to read; really broke my heart. in another side of tragedy and cruelty tinged with unreasonable and meaningless violence one will find humanity in this.

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