Burning ★★★

[redacted] I regard this as the best film adaptation among all of Haruki Murakami's works (that’s saying something). the "gentle" suspense in its minimalistic unfolding of every scene made me feel like I was in each scene myself. on the other hand, this could make each scene long as it also focused largely on what's not being said in between spaces of dialogues and scenes. strange, mysterious women, creeping loneliness, disappearances, cats, spaghetti, odd sex, jazz music—if you're familiar with the Murakami bingo they're delightfully here. this was the perfect vanishing act if intentional vanishing was ever concerned at all. Burning was filled with metaphors, pleasantly to be explored with each viewing, and was definitely a cerebral exercise.

I'd also like to say Jeon Jong-seo was a perfect Murakami lady (she's also hot). that scene where she was high and topless...mic drop.

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