Suspiria ★★★★½

this movie is so hypnotic, not even touching on the score (which is absolutely mesmerizing, thom yorke is insanely talented, we been knew) but the performances, the cinematography, the color scheme, the camera angles, and the way that so many scenes felt like they came right out of a 70's film.... yes it's long but if you let yourself get really into it instead of pointing out all of the oddities (like my mother), you'll feel like you're in a trance no matter how graphic or gorey this film can get.

if i'm being completely honest, i avoided most of the trailers and clips of this movie before seeing this because out of foolishness, i was sensitive about Suspiria being "redone" (im sorry....). when i first head about it, i thought they'd overdo it, create some sub-par story that made no sense but was shocking and graphic enough that people would be forced to talk about it. minus the sub-par part this kind of is that... graphic and shocking but not in the way that i thought it would be. but i don't regret feeling that way, because i honestly feel like having no expectations for this film helped me to appreciate it more. so yeah.... i guess you could say luca guadagnino did that.

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