Malignant ★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

Felt like a very, very long videogame cutscene.

It doesn't feel like a horror movie, and I sincerely don't understand how this could ever be seriously compared to anything by Dario Argento or Sam Raimi. Despite featuring some pretty entertaining antics, striking colors, great cinematography, and general bizarreness, it's far from being as charming as a Giallo or funny as Raimi film. It's just a messy mixture of references and homages that feels like a parody without being self-aware enough to actually be one. It's laughably corny.

The painfully cheesy love-cures-all ending scene made me flinch in agony, and if I ever watch another movie that has 'Where is my mind' by The Pixies as part of the score I'll set Hollywood ablaze.

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