Giant ★★★★

Seen for Scavenger Hunt #35 (February, 2018), task 16: A film that is historical fiction.

Big stuff is old stuff, now!

This is certainly a big, loaded, giant movie. As one of my friends reviewed it, it demands a lot from you--in terms of time, emotion, and theme. The end result is something that, shockingly, feels incredibly rich. All of the leads in Giant are really quite marvelous (although Hudson does seem like the weakest link out of him, Taylor, and Dean--especially Dean, who as everyone knows is actually my husband, although that's a story for another time), and I think I might just be a sucker for dramas that have the scope of a lifetime, which this has.

That said, this definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely did not have to have a 3:21 runtime. As much as I really, really enjoyed the experience of this movie, the times that I felt very much outside the movie, essentially bored by it, really do take a toll in my overall impression of it.

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