Blue City ★★★½

Stumbled across this on Netflix and immediately had to watch it. I'm a huge fan of The Breakfast Club, so the chance to see two of it's stars - Judd Nelson and Ally Sheedy - teamed up again just a year after getting out of detention was irresistible. The first half hour gave me exactly what I was after. Judd is again John Bender, if he was the son of a small Florida town's mayor instead of having a drunk abusive father figure. He's the same smartass, sarcastic antihero that stubenly gets in the face of his enemies and authority no matter the cost... and Ally tells somebody to "fuck off" like only she can. Wonderful stuff.

Turning up as Judd's old school buddy and Ally's older brother is David Caruso who steals the film from his co-stars and looks like he's having and absolute ball in the process. Paul Winfield also helps bring some quality to proceedings as the fast food addicted chief of police, all Southern hospitality as he gives Judd free reign to hunt his father's killer. Scott Wilson, recently seen down on the farm in The Walking Dead TV show, is decent enough as local casino gangster and the thorn in Judd's side. Turns out Judd is a bit tasty with his fists (and fire axe), all the unfulfilled threat of his previous character gets let out on various henchmen. He even pistol whips Tommy 'Tiny' Lister - Judd is fucking harsh! The action during the final act delivers some meaty shootouts, the murder mystery twist can be seen a mile off, it has a typical 80s soundtrack and doesn't hold back on the montage. What more could you want?!

The inevitable sex scene between the 'Criminal' and the 'Baketcase' is a little awkward, I couldn't help but feel for poor Molly...