John Carter ★★

I'd heard that the books this was based on are the Rosetta Stone of Science Fiction or something equally grand and ridiculous, also that the film was a big dissapointment. While I could sort of see the influences Edgar Rice Burroughs had on modern Sci-Fi, it would appear others have done a far better job with his work than director Andrew Stanton. I didn't care enough about the world or its characters to want to learn the language or lore which left a lot of the dialogue sounding awkward at best. Lead Taylor Kitsch lacked charisma and his love interest wasn't really my type, everybody was created out of the CGI left over from The Phantom least Dominic West had a bit of fire in his belly, but was criminally underused. Unsurprisingly the bit I loved could have been right out of one Andrew Stanton's Pixar animations, that speedy alien dog was pretty adorable.