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A Turkish delight for Dystopian fans

A superior genre thriller with timely political bite. Loaded with striking visual touches, this atmospheric nerve-jangler tips its hat to David Lynch’s gothic surrealism and David Cronenberg’s squirmy body horror, with pleasing detours into Dario Argento-style lurid giallo mania, too. — The Hollywoord Reporter

Jump Into the Void - A forgotten cult classic

Taking off their ski masks, the crew argue whether the policeman they just kidnapped has seen their face, but toughened Alex, the only girl of the bunch, ignores the "pig" (as they call him) in the room and worries instead about her precarious life.

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A modern fairy tale that doesn’t shy away from contemporary social issues. From politics to gender inequality, the eponymous hero dribbles us into a sci-fi story with a surrealist touch.

Those expecting a satirical biopic of Portugal own’s Ronaldo or even a film about football, will be left disappointed. Those in need of a nonsensical odyssey about a gullible person with good heart will be enthralled by the twists and turns of the story and of Carloto Cotta’s (Diamantino) performance.

DIAMANTINO proves that there are multiple ways to tackle real-life problems and that everyone has a heart.

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Brooklyn Horror Shorts Programme 2019 #2

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This may just be my favorite Bill Plympton - it's narratively much tighter and less scattered than his usual fare, although hardly any less weird, exaggerated, grotesque, and silly. It even has a heart-warming ending! I very much enjoyed this one.

Stumbled across this on Kanopy and it was worth it. We need more cinema like this.

While this starts as a love story, it is also about taking on responsibility and growth. It is a touching and heartwarming/breaking story surrounded by a fantasy darkness and some truly sad moments.

Ana and Clara are both great in their roles. Ana is conflicted about her potentially supernatural baby, while Clara is taken advantage of by Ana in her role as boss, but…

Good Manners

Good Manners


Um dos meus filmes preferidos de lobisomem e um orgulho do cinema brasileiro. Uma fábula de terror, visualmente lindo, com personagens cativantes e uma trama poética e cruel que eu nunca me canso de rever.