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  • You Don't Nomi

    You Don't Nomi


    Dave didn't really think much of this, but I loved it. No celeb interviews as such, but an in depth look at a bloody awful yet amazingly conflicting film. Is it a work of genius or shite. You decide
    Personally is one of those so bad it's good films.
    I love it. Loved this documentary about it too.

  • Don't Open Till Christmas

    Don't Open Till Christmas


    I've given this 4 stars. But really it's a no stars because it's one of those so terrible it's wonderful films.
    Never ever play a drinking game to this film, your liver will explode.
    1 drink every time you see the Scotland yard sign.
    1 drink for each boob
    1 drink every time Alan lake (who was married to Diana dors) is pervy
    1 drink when you see Caroline Munro.
    You'll be pissed in ten mins