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  • Naked
  • A Special Day
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  • A Special Day

    A Special Day


    stuck in a whirlpool of forbidden delight,
    we will love until this day reaches its inescapable night.

    ephemeral and light,
    not the way we would always have liked,
    but this memory, this brief memory;

    what a beautiful sight.

    the face that you made as we made ourselves,
    burned into my brain;

    the memories you gave, we made,
    i will remember as the happiest day, 
    of a sad and lonely…

    a sad and lonely…

    if only love were to me as…

  • Night Watch

    Night Watch


    uh huh yep uh huh yup for sure and like.. liz taylor and yep uh huh…

Popular reviews

  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho


    just saw this at the London Film Festival. i’m beyond blown away.

    what seems most important lies at the heart of this masterpiece is a poignant portrayal of broken dreams and their attachment to the very foundations of our psyche. 

    the word ‘dream’ is so often thrown around, and is most of all often commonplace, stereotypically so, when attributed with careers in the arts. but is this idea of a dream not dangerous in itself, despite the fact it is…

  • Naked



    i quite possibly just had the best cinema experience of my entire life. 

    in the words - ish - of Lesley Sharp:

    Naked is a film about people looking for something that just ‘doesn’t fucking exist’. 

    throughout this film there are people with solipsistic, naturalistic, humanistic, and nihilistic views, yet none of that means anything, as, in the end, one thing remains clear: 

    none of these people truly know who they are.

    the question of the meaning of our dull…