Wings of Desire

Wings of Desire ★★★★★

what does it mean to feel? to be? to wish? to love? to dream? would we be anything without these aspects? without these pure ‘necessities’? 

everything in our lives is reduced down to a spectrum. our success is levelled, our failures are highlighted, even our sanity can be attributed down to a chart of levels. 

our worries are constantly built up around these points, our lives are constantly taking over every second of our short time on this planet. but who is that determines these are worth our time? 

what we as humans are denied to opportunity of truly doing is choosing our own courses, paving our own paths. everything before us had been tread before and everything has seen both tragedy and even the greatest extremes of success. 

as we’re constantly berated by ideas that are entirely out of our control, every waking moment is consumed by that, even slowly seeping into our sleeping hours too, but what if we could ‘wake up’? 

what if we could see the world through our own eyes? what if we could rewrite every novel, reopen every door, re-pave every path, what if we could live a life that had truly provoked the greatest abilities of the human mind? 

each one of us has power, each one of us thinks, every one of our minds holds the secrets to all the unknown and the key to a new world of our own. all we must do is turn the key and walk into the dark space before us. a blank canvas. a clean slate. a new world.

or will we just go on? 

if everything is but a dream then the necessity to ‘go on’ surpasses any other, for we must then do all on our power to find peace within our own dream. we must chase the darkness until it lingers no more, until it can no longer veil the light that we so rightfully deserve sight of. 

the feel of this film is unlike any i’ve ever experienced from cinema before. i’d watched it after a very long day and, i won’t lie, there were times when my eyes were starting to close, but i feel that those split moments of darkness where they had fallen had only enhanced my experience of seeing this masterpiece. 

it, for those few seconds, even entered into the darkness, beginning to fill that space and act out within my own mind. the film, with its already 
dream-like feel, had become to consume every one of my thoughts for that time. 

the film itself cloaks you with a dream, placing you within that sphere of seeing the world as it is now from a pair of eyes unlike your own.

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