Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★

It’s another Marvel movie and I don’t have much more to say than my usual praises and criticisms. 

Some of the humor is good, and some of it is dumb. Some of the cgi is alright, and some of it looks too fake. The more “trippy” sequences kinda felt like they were trying too hard to bring something fresh and interesting, and yet they still managed to feel incredibly generic. 
A lot of the less humorous writing feels very basic and generic — and at some points just plain bad.
The action scenes mostly failed to make me excited or to make me feel like I was having fun; the non-superhero stuff was honestly more engaging than the superhero fights.

Spoilers below.

The villian twist is... disappointing. Mysterio’s whole “lies and fake news” bit feels as dumb as Screenslaver’s bit in Incredibles 2 (the two characters are very similar; Mysterio is basically a combination of Screenslaver and Syndrome). I was waiting for the real villian to be introduced and I thought that maybe, just maybe, I would be genuinely surprised and it wouldn’t be the twist we were all expecting. Silly me, I guess.
The final fight is... disappointing. Watching some cgi guy flying through the air throwing drones wasn’t exactly exciting.
The end credits scenes were... disappointing. Once again, they were hyped up; once again, I was disappointed. Actually, the first one with Spider-Man was alright, and his next movie will surely be more interesting — but I really thought they were gonna set up the next big MCU conflict.

Ultimately, it was alright. The only thing that makes it even sort of interesting when compared to all of Marvel’s other movies is the setup in the credits scene.

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