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  • Blaze



    props to ethan hawke for going with a fairly ambitious, nonlinnear narrative structure for his debut film; its clear how much the "linklater approach to filmmaking" (as he refers to it) has on his own style. but unfortunately the attempt to weave together various threads in time detracts from the overall film more than it adds to it, as it feels like a rather unnecessarily complex element to an already somewhat difficult movie to follow (southern drawl + blazes mumbling…

  • M


    expected a fairly straight forward psycho thriller; got a strange hybrid proto-noir / social critique / mobster movie instead. hasn't aged all that well in certain parts, but M's legacy on modern filmmaking is still unmistakable. once again awed by how ahead of his time fritz lang was.

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  • Still Walking

    Still Walking


    koreeda has an incredible talent - the comparisons to ozu's subtle, methodical pace are evident and fully warranted. but equally impressive is his ability to blend his subdued touch with his gift for crafting a fully immersive, evocative environment in the vein of linklater or even miyazaki.

    this is perhaps no better demonstrated in koreeda's handling of death. death permeates and underlies nearly every frame, every line, every action. but while koreeda does not soften the blow of death's devastation,…

  • Drunken Angel

    Drunken Angel


    it's kind of hard to believe that drunken angel is the first time that toshiro mifune & takashi shimura have appeared on screen together - while they would later star together in other, better movies, the dynamism between the two here might be at their best. drunken angel is a gritty yakuza film in the vein of high and low and yojimbo, set to revolve around a strangely didactic moral lesson about tuberculosis. its a bit difficult to see what kurosawa…