Prospect ★★★½

Prospect is a sci-fi drama thriller taking place in the far future and is about a father-daughter duo on a prospecting trip in some part of the galaxy far from home where a risky last job turns things complicated.

Now I didn't know anything about the movie apart from the premise, so I was pleasantly surprised to see where the movie went. There isn't a lot of exposition dump and pre-world building so instead, you're just thrust into this world and fill in the blanks yourself while the movie does a good enough job of world building throughout so that it feels like a live in-universe with their own tech, slangs etc, which made it a fun experience.

That's also because of the fact that despite having a tiny budget, the movie still gave some beautiful shots and did a good job with the atmosphere and it didn't feel like it was filled to the brim with cheap CGI. Which is then further elevated by the soundtrack, which was great. There are some beautiful tracks in it that elevate the experience a great deal.

Sophie Thatcher, the daughter, gave a fine performance. She was great sometimes, but sometimes she was kinda iffy but overall I liked her. Pedro Pascal, though, steals the show. I loved him so much in this role. And compounded by the fact that this is basically an old western prospecting days style/scenario with a sci-fi skin thrown on it made him feel like Nathan Fillion as Captain Reynolds from Firefly, and the movie itself gave me Firefly feels, and that's always a bonus.

I just wish the sci-fi skin was thicker. The initial setup could have been stronger, resulting for better payoffs later on. The world building could have been better too. The writing was also sometimes weak resulting in scenes that just felt weak. And while this is not really a flaw, I wish the movie did have a higher budget so they could go bigger and diverse with the Alien planet and the general world in the movie.

All in all, I had a nice time with it. It's a nice little indie sci-fi watch that endeared me to the characters and their relationships while giving me a sci-fi fix as well. Didn't wanna give away stuff so the review might be more vague than usual BUT if the premise interests you or you like sci-fi dramas or just like/love Pedro Pascal, I'll suggest giving this a try. And if I were to rate it, I'd give it a 7/10.