Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone ★★★★

Your childhood movie is perfect until you rewatch it when you're a 26 yo adult.

I enjoyed my time laughing and joking and wondering at every single scene, line, character building in this movie with my sister:

Harry Potter's groundless accusation at Snape made me snap (pun intended).

Harry Potter spilled the secret Hagrid told him to keep made him -10 points.

Hagrid, why do you let a 13 yo join you when you do a top secret business in a bank??? And tell him that it's a top secret business and trust him to keep it??? Just act normal???

Prof. McGonagall made curfew and rules for students to keep them safe then when they violate it, she gave them deadly punishment. She could make a badass character out of it but seeing her character's progression, I think it's just an honest mistake of characterization.

Well, well, everything is so weird here that it teases me more and more to enroll in Hogwarts!!!

I see it's got many flaws. Nonetheless, it does age gracefully with memories.