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This review may contain spoilers.

This film definitely had its ups and downs. At some points I was growing bored of the utterly unbelievable characters, and at other points I was quite taken with them.
The story develops quite sporadically, and unusually. Some parts seemed to come too soon into the movie, and other parts never really got developed at all.
The shooting style seemed quite one dimensional to begin with, and given the set style, there didn't seem much room to improve upon it really, but about two thirds of the way through the film it felt as though another director had taken over the film, and we were beginning to get some variation in the shots, which definitely gave it new life in some of the scenes.
Here and there we're given clues about whats going on outside of the main focus of the film, but these new attractions seem to get shut off way too soon, and are never developed any further. One of these moments being the discovery of a child that is previously taken from the group by force. We find out that she has become a test subject of sorts, but then we are taken back to to main group again, and the rest of this plot seems to get left behind and completely forgotten about.
I wasn't entirely sure about the ending either. I didn't feel that it was in keeping with the nature of the lead actress to just abandon the remaining survivors. I felt the last few scenes could have been handled much more intelligently, but it felt more like a rushed, and somewhat uninspired ending, almost as if the writers had run out of ideas.
But in the end, this film did try to do something interesting, even if the concept did seem to get a little lost.
The soundtrack was nicely integrated into the film, and gave the film a nice level of atmosphere. I'm a fan of that style of music anyway, so it was good to have it in there.
Overall, it's worth checking out, especially if you're into films like 'The Road', 'Book of Eli' or 'Mad max'. This could well act as a prequel to those sorts of films.