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  • Jen Fulwiler The Naughty Corner

    Jen Fulwiler The Naughty Corner


    Your mom will love it.

  • Cruella



    Struggling a bit with this one.

    It seems that Disney really has just one trick up their sleeve with these live-action prequels about their roster of villain(esse)s which is "Listen, this person is bad BUT...". "Cruella" is no exception, painting a sympathetic portrait of the world's most notorious puppy murderer (something not even Hitler stooped to, for those keeping score) setting up her descent into bitchdom as a tale of righteous revenge against an even bigger, badder threat.

    Between cheap…

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  • An Education

    An Education


    I thought I'd never say this, but here goes: An Education is feminism done right. I had given up trying to find it, but the story of 16-year old british girl in 1960s London is a perfect example of what a female tour de force should be. Jenny (Carey Mulligan) lives a cloistered life under the ruling thumb of a very controlling father who has mapped out an entire future for her, mostly regarding a good education and a good…

  • Movie 43

    Movie 43


    I tried to write a review of this movie, but I couldn't get one off the ground. So here's a bunch of random sentences that flew through my mind as I watching it:

    - We don't need a cure for AIDS, we need a cure for Movie 43.
    - Ed Wood says "It's flawed."
    - Emma Stone is in this movie. Fuck you, Emma Stone. *cries*
    - Cinema's Vanilla Ice.
    - The one movie who could use the expertise of…