The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★★½

"Quirky wholesome." This is seriously the funniest animated film that I've seen in years, on par with Big Hero 6 or The Lego Movie, and it has a ton of heart, to boot. This was battling a ton of hype, and I still came away pretty enamored with the whole approach, execution and message. Even watching this alone, I must have laughed out loud at least ten times before the halfway mark. The characters and humor remind me a lot of what's found in Bob's Burgers. Part road trip comedy, part family drama and part sci-fi adventure... there's something for everyone. On the other hand, I understand the meme culture aspects of the humor aren't for everyone, and that's fine, but I had a blast with everything. A lot of the references feel like they may have been more topical 10 to 15 years ago, but that's part of the charm, in my view. It's a nice bit of warm semi-nostalgia that well suits a main character at the age to head off to college. The film is also absolutely gorgeous to take in visually, with a pretty unique animation style and great use of color.

Wholesome without being boring or cheesy, Phil Lord and Christopher MIller's productions continue to impress me, particularly in their animated films. This is just more of the goodness that I've come to expect. They've been producing consistently fun and visually breathtaking stuff ever since 2009's Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, one of the all-time underrated films of its genre. I'll be curious to see more work now from director Michael Rianda. This is certainly my favorite film of the year so far, and I fully expect it to be in the mix for that spot at the end of the year.

P.S. Eric Andre having what feels like a total sudden mainstream emergence via high profile Netflix releases is pretty cool! I'm a long time fan of his insane Adult Swim show.

P.P.S. Forgot to mention that just hearing Grimes on a movie soundtrack also made this even more amazing... perhaps the moment I fell in love.

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