Inception ★★★★

It seems in recent times Inception seems to have gone down in everyone’s estimations. I remember when I first saw it, I thought it was probably the best thing I had ever seen and truth be told it’s the film that opened up cinema to me as a whole. I was obsessed with dreams as a kid and if a film could deal with that subject while being action packed and entertaining then what else could it do? 

That was 10 years ago, I’m now in my mid 20’s and have seen hundreds of other films, so I am not the exception and for me inception is no longer the greatest thing ever created. But I’ll be damned it’s still a solidly entertaining sci fi thriller. I finally got to see this in the cinema and it’s the first time I’ve been back since March, it’s good to be back! Inception is a film that (pardon the cliche) deserves to be seen on the big screen, each ‘kick’ feels tangiable, Zimmers fantastic score reverberates around my skull and some top notch action is best seen in this format. 

Seeing it with a pair of fresh eyes has made me see a few issues I have with it now though, while the idea is solid, Nolan’s script could have done with a bit more fine tuning and better specifics of the idea. Also some characters sort of fall to the wayside after they’re introduced. But damn it I was entertained! Nolan has made a name for himself out of the high concept summer blockbuster and inception falls into that beautiful. It’s still a good time all these years later.

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