Klaus ★★★★

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13. Watch a Christmas Animation 

Klaus would get 5 stars for visuals alone, this film looks incredible. Every single frame is worthy of a place in an art gallery. Honestly it’s gorgeous. The character designs and backgrounds are all top notch, the movement is wonderful with plenty of squash and stretch. The whole thing is a three course meal for the eyes. 

Smeerensburg may be one of my favourite locations in all of film, it’s cold, dark and depressing yet the hope that eventually radiates through is so alluring and so irresistible that it’s just a wonderful place to be, despite its flaws. The inhabitants as well are as delightful and odd as you’d want, which makes them incredibly interesting. Again their designs do a lot to give them the character they need. It’s not just the drawn stuff though this film has a stellar voice cast who all give 110% to make these characters feel alive.

The only issues I have with it are that for me I didn’t nessacarily believe in the main friendship between Jesper and Klaus until right at the end and some of the contemporary music choices were a bit... odd. These things didn’t ruin the film for me though. Klaus is funny, well animated and full of heart and charm. I can see my opinion of it only getting warmer over time and I will definitely add it to my yearly arsenal.

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