Tenet ★★

I don’t mind Nolan, I have seen a ton of flack about him the past few weeks and don’t worry this review isn’t about him. I like Inception, Dunkirk, Memento and The Dark Knight trilogy enough, some more than others and look forward to seeing the rest of his work. For me, though Tenet is currently the bottom of the barrel.

Worth saying I didn’t have particularly high hopes for Tenet, I thought it would be a good time as I like a lot of Nolan’s work, if nothing spell bounding. But really at the end of the day, I think it’s bad. Tenet really is a bit of a mess, with an absolute mess of a script and what feels like an idea that was not fully formed. The main character is only known as The Protagonist which is so incredibly on the nose and just tells you all you need to know about how the film handles its characters. It doesn’t really have any, just archetypes and clichés that didn’t appeal to me, make me root for them or care. I have to say though that this isn’t an issue of the actors, John David Washington brings what he can into his part with great effect and Branagh is a genuinely scary villain, but everything surrounding that that is just a bit meh.

Technically the sound mixing is horrendous, I’ve seen a lot of complaints about it and yeah it’s pretty bad. Nolan has been guilty of this before with some screenings of Interstellar, but that was never to this level. Zimmer is definitely missed here, where the soundtrack sounds like a poor Zimmer impression. The action sequences aren’t that interesting and neither are the stakes. I felt no tension throughout the film. The idea is relatively simple but it’s a film that wants to be smarter than it actually ends up being. It’s the kind of film I can imagine a teenager writing and thinking it was really cool, calling their lead ‘The Protagonist’, using the word palindrome that kind of thing. The more I think of Tenet the more of a bad taste I get.

I’m not angry Christopher, Just disappointed.

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