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  • The Lives of Others

    The Lives of Others


    One of the very best. Perhaps far fetched but, with incredible pacing and surprisingly muted tones, this handles the subject matter in a almost romantic fashion but one where every piece moves together quite brilliantly. It's quite weird to describe, but it is without a doubt not one where things can be expected.

    Also carries the distinction of one of the half dozen movies not named Star Wars that I have ever re-watched multiple times.

  • Ikiru



    Only what is real is portrayed. Only experience can spur action. This is a movie which strives to brilliantly show how life is experienced by everyone. It is strikingly beautiful yet also clinically cynical.

    One can not know the power of death unless it is brought to their doorstep.

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  • Burning



    Slow and brooding, but it gives the sense that every scene has a purpose, however small and seemingly inconsequential. Oh how easy it is to overlook some things. Stay with this movie. It'll pay off.

  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    This film hits me hard. Where two people are at odds with each other and refuse to realize it, until they do. Where two people still love each other but are too caught up in what they want to even feel it again. Where children get railroaded into a sense of confusion, dread and worry.

    This is a film where everyone involved is too self-absorbed to see it, save for Burt, played by Alan Alda, who almost acts as an…