Elvis ★★★★½

Cast and Characters 7/10
Comedy 2/5
Romance 3/5
Editing 8/10
Story 10/10
Originality 8/10
Emotional value 9/10
Score and Cinematography 10/10
Writing 10/10
Directing 8/10
Nostalgia 5/5
Historic accuracy 4/5
TOTAL 84/100

From the director of Halloween, The Thing, The Fog and Christine came Elvis starring Kurt Russel as Elvis Presley. Of course this was on my watchlist. And with the Baz Luhrmann/Austin Butler trailer releasing not too long ago, there was no better time than now.

Kurt Russel gives a fantastic performance. He really fits the role. The music is of course fantastic and it's performed very well by Ronnie McDowell. I'm really excited to hear more of Austin Butler's renditions in the upcoming biopic.

The movie has some really emotional moments, especially towards the end. They chose the perfect song to close off the movie. Here and there the editing could have been slightly better, which would have shortened the runtime. Not that the pacing was really an issue, I was thoroughly entertained throughout. It's just an observation.

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