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  • Julieta



    by David Harris

    The words “Un film de Almodóvar” unspooling at the beginning of a movie are a visual safety blanket for art film lovers. For more than 30 years, we know what to expect when they flash across the screen: twisty tales filled with bawdy sex, outrageous characters and strong female leads. Critics and audiences alike balked at Pedro Almodóvar’s last film, the lightweight sex farce I’m So Excited, mainly because it eschewed the headier subjects of the Spanish…

  • Staying Vertical

    Staying Vertical


    by Ryne Clos

    Staying Vertical is a film that cannot fulfill its own potential because it is unable to escape writer-director Alain Guiraudie’s cult of his own personality. The film, at its best, provokes the viewer with shock cuts to graphic images, playfully evokes cinematic history and allegorically assaults France’s conservative cultural norms of masculinity and heterosexuality. But it accomplishes all of this while reveling in its auteur’s own virtuosity. If only Staying Vertical could have advanced beyond self-flattery, it…

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  • Dou kyu sei – Classmates

    Dou kyu sei – Classmates


    by Katherine Springer

    Yaoi manga specifically focuses on romantic relationships between male characters. It is not, however, explicitly aimed at a gay male audience. Most readers—and writers—of yaoi are actually female. It can be difficult to understand for someone with no previous knowledge whatsoever of the genre. Ellen Page did a pretty good job of explaining it and its somewhat confusing appeal for women in her first episode of “Gaycation,” though. Asumiko Nakamura’s Doukyuusei is fairly representative of the genre,…

  • Reach Me

    Reach Me

    by Nathan Kamal

    Okay, I’ll be honest. I’m not really sure what to do with this one. Some movies are bad, but have redeeming virtues like a premise that was clearly lost in the translation to the screen, or a fine acting performance buried somewhere in a mess of a plot. Some at least struggle by with solid film foundations, like a developed sense of pace or even just an intriguing musical score. But there are also movies like Reach…