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  • Bill Hicks: Sane Man

    Bill Hicks: Sane Man


    I looked forward to watching this because I know that Bill Hicks is considered a legend. I can now see why. From what I saw, he was a force of nature. 'Sane Man' is filmed and edited in such a way that it comes across as something put together posthumously in honour of the man. This stand-up show captures Bill Hicks multiple personalities, from a reasonable and highly intellectual thought provoker to a crazed, depressive and angry man who you…

  • Neal Brennan: 3 Mics

    Neal Brennan: 3 Mics


    Guilty! I had no idea who Neal Breenan was. To learn about the great success he has had as a comedy writer with Dave Chappelle and others helps explain why he and this special is so good. The creativity of the 3 Mic approach, is symbolic and insightful revealing the many facets and complications of him as a comic and person. His jokes had me laughing hard and personal stories had me captivated.

    Well done Neal Brennan, you are now one of my favourite comics and this is one of my favourite specials.

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  • Raw



    What a family! What a school! Just imagine if her sister supported her to stay Vegetarian.

    I am officially disturbed. I came into this a little unprepared, but after nearly gagging three times at various scenes, I still couldn't help but watch and enjoy this film. It is captivating, fascinating, enjoyable and sickening all in one.

  • Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange


    A great cinematic experience. Probably wouldn't have enjoyed so much outside of the cinema.