Magnolia ★★★★

Well this movie was interesting to say the least.

First off, this movie had no reason to be 3 hours long. So many side stories and scenes could have been cut right out of the movie and the message of the film would still be there. That said, I never really felt like this movie dragged that much.

The editing of the film saves it. Powered by a great score and original songs, the movie flies by as you become invested into every single character. Paul Thomas Anderson used a lot of foreshadowing throughout this movie, especially the bible verse sprinkled in different scenes for that insanely odd third act when it rained legitimate frogs?

All the performances were top notch, with the exception of Tom Cruise's brilliant performance as this public speaker/TV infomercial guy with such a weird and distasteful attitude, it's not wonder he was nominated for an Oscar for this film.

Overall this movie is very unique. It has a certain style to the film that I really enjoyed. All the characters had so many layers and it was fun as the movie peeled back at several of the characters. If it was trimmed down maybe 20 minutes or so, this film would be tight, re-watchable, and would flow much better.


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