Under the Silver Lake ★★★★

OK. Wow was this a movie. I still don’t really know what to think of the plot and how everything comes together but it was so much fun to watch. It’s one of those movies where you literally can’t predict what is going to happen next because it’s so wacky, so quirky, and unlike anything you’ve seen. If someone told me David Lynch directed this I’d believe it. 

You really have to embrace how weird this movie is in order for you to enjoy it. You have to just sit back and let this movie take you on the roller coaster that it is. It got a lot of mixed reception and I know it was supposed to be released in theaters at some point almost 2 years ago. I think the studio lost faith in it because it’s really hard to sell a movie like this, but I hope this becomes a cult classic. 

Honestly the more I think about this movie the more I like it. I was really in the mood to see something different and this delivered beyond imaginable. I can see my rating going higher in the future but for now I just look forward to re-watching it and seeing what the film fan community says about it.