Cruella ★★★½

Emma Stone is INCREDIBLE. I can’t believe how good she was in this. I doubt she’ll get any recognition or much praise for this because it’s a kids movie and it’s not that great, but she was amazing.

This movie is way too long. The first hour, hour and a half could have been condensed to 30 minutes easily. Young Cruella was a great actress but I just did not care about that part of the story enough. There was way, way, way, WAY too much music in this. And they weren’t even deep cuts, it was all stuff you’ve heard 100 times in movies. Playing a popular song for 30 seconds before stopping it got old, fast. There was no real distinctive style in the directing. There were flashes of greatness, but only flashes.

All that said, I loved the last hour. Thought it was great. Pretty much reversed everything I hated about the first hour. That, with Emma Stone’s performance, definitely raises the movie a bit.

I probably let my expectations get too high if I’m being honest. Still a good movie though.

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