Nosferatu the Vampyre ★★★★

Hoop-Tober 2017 -- Part 24

Werner Herzog, proving that the only ones who can do Expressionist horror like ze Germans are ze Germans.

I've been making my way through lots of various 'Dracula' adaptations this month, from the Bela Lugosi film to the Francis Ford Coppola one. At this point, I'm starting to think I've exhausted all the ones that are worth watching (someone please tell me if there are others).

This one, while far from the most accurate to the novel, might actually be my favorite. The original 'Nosferatu' is a stunning piece of work, but this one is practically a perfect remake in every way. The grandiose sets, the eerie lighting and the swooping shadows are all still there, and Klaus Kinski has an incredible presence as Dracula.

But it's also got something else, a kind of caustic sharpness that a lot of other Dracula films are missing. It's darker, more surreal, with an almost apocalyptic edge. Dracula is more than just a horny monster who drinks blood -- he's an angel of death, delivering plague and madness wherever he goes.

And in the end, unlike other adaptations, there's no sunshine and roses. There's only a cold smile and a desert full of swirling mist. It's chilling, and bleak, and downright beautiful all at the same time.

I really loved this.

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